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Afterwards we took our picnic lunch to the plaza outside Notre Dame. We watched a group of German students attempt to take a photo in front of the church that captured all of them jumping simultaneously. There was much giggling and merriment as they attempted to time the taking of the photo with the jumping. Not only was it entertaining, but after watching them try for the perfect picture more than a dozen times, Emma and I learned how to count to three in German.

Next we headed to one of the oldest churches in all of Paris, Saint-Julien-du-Pauvre. It was built around the year 1200. We attended a magnificent concert. The program consisted mostly of Mozart and Vivaldi. The acoustics were amazing, the musicians were spectacular and I am not sure there are words that can describe how wonderful it was. There were quite a few people crying after an especially amazing rendition of Ave Maria. We were even fortunate enough to persuade them to do an encore. Pure bliss!

After the concert several people went out of their way to come and compliment Emma. They were charming and so kind! Emma and I really enjoyed trying to maintain the conversations in French.

We floated home and along the way encountered a street musician playing a mandolin, several street performers doing comedy bits and the whole walk home Emma kept saying over and over, "I love this city!"

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