Bath and Showers

We are in Bath. We had plans to see many things, but mostly we have seen rain. Tons and tons of rain. It is awesome! The doorman of our hotel finds us to be an endless source of amusement. I am not sure he has ever seen two people more enthusiastic about such miserable weather. In between splashing in puddles and singing in the rain, we have still managed to see some of the sights.

We have seen the Royal Crescent, Queen Square and The Circus. We went to the Jane Austen Centre and learned a great deal about the life of this wonderful author. We took a wet walk in search of the homes in which Jane lived while in Bath. We also enjoyed tea with Mr. Darcy while we attempted to dry off a little.

Today we went to the Roman Baths. They have really outdone themselves providing informative displays and audio information. If one were inclined, they could spend numerous hours there and still not have seen, read and heard everything. Emma and I loved it...hot water and Roman Goddesses...what is not to like?

We also went to The Fashion Museum. This quirky museum has clothing dating from 1600's all the way to present day. There were several interactive areas where you could try on period clothing or design your own. It is amazing how much you can learn about a time in history based on what they chose to wear.


  1. Sounds fabulous. Keep the door man chuckling while you enjoy the rain.

  2. I have heard of Bath many times; I think I actually know someone who went to University there. But for some reason, I never thought to see what the origin of the name was! It makes perfect sense, of course. I just needed smart, beautiful, wonderful people to figure it out for me, I guess :-)