Les Catacombs

Today Emma and I went to the famous Parisian Catacombs. We waited in line for almost two hours in the freezing cold wind to see one of the most unusual and macabre sights ever. The catacombs hold the remains of about 6 million people. Paris, in the late 1700's was running out of room in it's most popular cemeteries. They also had a series of tunnels that were left from years of mining rock from underneath the city. Their solution, move the bones from the cemeteries to the old stone quarry. In true Parisian style, they had a huge procession of horse drawn carts and elaborate religious ceremonies to see the remains from their old resting spot to their new location. While originally they just left the remains, years later workers were hired who painstakingly arranged the bones into amazing mosaics running along the walls of tunnels. They included crosses and other decorations from the old cemeteries and even created spaces where mass can be held.

They allows photos, but no flash, so the pictures are all dark. If you are squeamish or easily disturbed by skeletons, please skip the next few photos.

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