Emma had never seen a pipe before. We have observed numerous gentleman smoking them here, but she had only read about them (Sherlock Holmes) or seen them in movies (Little Mermaid) before arriving here.

No one here wears motorcycle, scooter nor bike helmets.

We've observed several pregnant women smoking cigarettes.

We have seen dozens of dogs, but not a single male dog that has been neutered. It is considered odd to try and greet/admire someone's dog.

Many people run for exercise along the Seine or through the Champ de Élysées, but many of them wear backpacks. They all seem to run faster then I can.

Numerous people seem to live in boats along the Seine and in tents pitched in the park or even just along the street.

We have observed several movies (or possibly television shows)being filmed.

There are people kissing everywhere!

What passes for Dijon Mustard in the USA is tasteless compared to the burn your nose hair, hotter than green chile and wasabi Dijon we have had here. Wowsa!

Tomatoes and strawberries actually have flavor here- real, fabulous, make me groan with happiness flavor that I can not seem to get from tomatoes and berries in the stores at home.

Unlike at home, where we buy all of our food in one place- this neighborhood has separate specialty stores for everything. You do not buy bread in the same place you get pastries- those are two very different types of bakeries. You do not buy milk at the same place as cheese-- a good cheese market sells nothing but cheese. The only exception is the farmer's market on Sundays and Thursdays when all the booths are right along the street.

Jet lag stinks.


  1. Nice! I did a dramatic reading for Kirby, Marty and Holly and they were totally interested. When I was in India I saw NOBODY kissing. They don't. It's unsanitary, rude, not done. I saw a couple sitting on the ground at the zoo, *nearly* touching, and having been there just three weeks, it really stood out.

    But people go to Paris to kiss, huh!? :-)

    I'm loving your blog.

  2. Sounds lovely. When you get a chance, check your email -- I sent you something. Love ya!

  3. Sandra- Cultural differences are fascinating. A lot of the kissing we see is tourists, but the French kiss both as a form of romance and passion AND as a way to greet friends and interact with family. How cool to have Holly, Kirby and Marty all in the same place!

  4. Megan & I love reading your blog!

    The separate stores for items reminds me of when I was living in Germany. I loved the idea.

    The dijon mustard sounds like my kind of mustard ;-)