Toliet paper and Patisserie

Two things happened today that really made us feel like we are acclimating. First, we had to buy toilet paper. It is such a simple, domestic errand yet it really made us feel like part of the neighborhood. We had short conversations with people in the store and checked out at the register without anyone commenting on us not being French. It was awesome. We are getting pretty good at the simple pleasantries and exchanges necessary for purchasing things.

Secondly, someone recognized us. Those of you who know us well will not be surprised to know it is the lady who runs the local Patisserie (that means pastry shop). It felt neat to be treated as a "regular." She is also very kind in that she repeats the names of items back to me with supreme patience so that I can attempt to pronounce them more accurately.

We fully understand why so many people fall in love with this city. Where else could we live in a building that is older than the city of Albuquerque yet still has a tankless water heater and free WiFi? Where else could we see the Mona Lisa and Liza Manelli in the same day? Where else is there a five-star gastronomic genius of a restaurant and a KFC in the same block? Sigh. We love this place.

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  1. I am so glad you're enjoying it and feeling so comfortable! The language is beautiful . . . and when you are immersed in it, it becomes second nature after a while. I've not spent time in Paris, but have wandered the streets of Lyon for hours and just marvel at the combinations of old and new around every turn.