A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

Our last days in Rome we magnificent. We went to the Purgatory Museum, a very small museum well off the beaten path. There was a Roman Catholic priest who made it his life's work to collect evidence of people's encounters with their loved ones from Purgatory. Roman Catholic faith states that souls that are stuck in Purgatory can move on to Heaven if there are enough prayers said for them here on earth, so there are often occurrences when family members claim they are contacted by their deceased family members to ask for them to pray for them so that they can move on. The museum was quirky and tiny, and a very nice change if pace from the crowds and noise.

We also managed to go to the Villa Borghese, a beautiful park area with museums, zoo, ponds, fountains and such. We rented bikes and meandered around the beautiful grounds. We admired yet another house belonging to the famed Medici family and picnicked by the Tempietto di Esculapio.

Finally we said, "Arrivederci Roma," and prepared for our journey to Venice!

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