Well, after not having reliable, free Internet for several weeks, we are behind in our adventure descriptions.

We are in Rome! We only have those two pictures from yesterday before it began pouring rain! It rained all afternoon, evening and well past midnight. Our apartment has a spectacular view from the balcony and we watched the most amazing lightning storm above St. Peter's Basilica.

The rain prevented me from taking pictures, but it did not stop us from having fun. We wondered over to St. Peter's and took a neon colored tour bus to all the major tourist attractions. It was campy, but it was a great way to orient ourselves and to stay partially dry. We saw the Coliseum and Circus Maximus (where the chariot races used to be held and the infamous fire that destroyed Rome while Nero fiddled began). We plan to revisit both when the weather improves so that we can fully appreciate their fabulousness without having to peer out from under an umbrella.

We had hoped to go to the Spanish Steps, but alas we were too wet and too cold, so we shall save that journey for a sunnier day. Instead, we sat down to a three and a half hour meal at a charming bistro. We had the lovely pizza that has nothing but olive oil and garlic. It is so fabulous. We also had pasts, lasagna for me, fettucini for Emma. For our main course, Emma had meatballs with spinach and cheese and grilled vegetables. I had a traditional Roman stew made with beef and artichokes. We still had room for gelatto.

This morning we are headed to the Vatican City. We hope to see the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and some of the museums. We may also visit the new resting place of John Paul II, where his remians were moved during the beautification on May 1st.

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