A random ramble...

If you ever travel by train throughout Europe, be sure to carry lots of coins. I am not sure how to get coins, since people here are absolutely crazy about exact change and most shop owners claim to not even carry any change! I digress. You must carry change because in many train stations, the WC's require payment. That is right, you have to pay to use the toliet. At first, we were a little put off by this, but now we are actually appreciating the benefits. First, the pay WC's are all remarkably clean. Secondly, they often have the benefit of nice soap and even the opportunity to shower. Lastly, they are often staffed with people who are there to clean in-between each use and will often even assist you with luggage or items that you may need but lack.

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  1. Someday they should have a card that you can put money on and use as needed...that would help with the need for perfect change! Can't even imagine the worries it might cause. But those paid places sound good!