Leaving Italy, exploring Germany

After nearly a full month in Italy, we headed north. We got to briefly see Innsbruck in Austria, but it was pouring rain the entire time we were there so I have no photos to share. Our journey took us all the way to Munich, Germany.

Our first day in Munich was filled with rain. Always a treat for those of us who live somewhere so dry. We still managed to see Marienplatz, and the Neues Rathaus with it's amazing Glockenspiel. We also saw Karlsplatz and traveled around Neuhauser street.

We got to see the site of the 1972 Olympics, where the horrible hostage tragedy took place. We discovered that Germany is a contender for the 2018 Winter Olympics. It seems after the games of 1972 and 1936, the Germans would like the chance at redemption.

Continuing with our adoration of the culinary delights of Europe, we indulged in Bavarian sausages, sauerkraut, local white asparagus, two types of mustard and apple strudel. Fabulous! However, our favorite food here so far...pretzels! These glorious yeasty masterpieces barely resemble the poor imitations we have had in our lives. These are both crunchy and soft, salty and ubiquitous. We are happy ladies.

Or second day in Germany requires it's own post, so I shall write about it separately.

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